For UW’s Advanced Video Production and Direction course, I created this documentary about three engineering students and their process of building a device that attaches to a guitar and allows disabled individuals to choose chords without using their hands.

This scene was made in UW’s Cinematography and Sound Recording course from the student screenplay “Ice Shack.” For this project, I functioned as the boom operator and editor. It turns out that shooting night scenes in the winter can get pretty cold. Who knew?

Also from Cinematography and Sound Recording, this is a scene from a student screenplay called “Webs.” My role was as the director and cinematographer. My five person crew and I built the set in the studios in the basement of Vilas Hall.

This scene was created for UW’s Editing and Post-Production course. It was constructed from raw footage that a past class had shot for the creation of a 30-minute film entitled Jalen’s Turtles. The premise of the film is that Jackson’s brother, who was Liliana’s husband, has recently been murdered. In light of this tragedy, these two characters are forced to confront their attraction to one another.

This scene, also put together with raw footage from a past student film called No Son of Mine, was the first project for the Editing and Post-Production course. It features three brothers, the youngest of whom hasn’t seen his older siblings since their father died several years ago, being reunited by the eldest brother.



This is an image I created for a digital art class at UW. It was made using a 1960’s picture of two boys reading a comic book, but I thought it would be funnier if they appeared to be shocked by the contents of a Women’s Health Magazine.


From the same digital art class as the previous image, this was created in Adobe Illustrator by tracing the outline of my dorm room key.


This infographic was also created in Illustrator, and shows the yearly revenue of five popular fast food restaurants, as well as the number of Madison locations that exist. It was made by tracing images of these businesses’ storefronts.


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