Hi I’m Nathan, but most people just call me Nate. In May 2019, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a major in Communication Arts and certificates in Digital Studies and Digital Cinema Production. I began creating digital media when I enrolled in a course at Madison Memorial High School entitled “Computer Art.” Although I thought this would be a simple art class using computers, it turned out to be even cooler: a digital video production workshop! In a sense, I accidentally stumbled upon the wonderful world of digital media. I came to love the creative and collaborative process, and this encouraged me to join my school’s weekly news program: Spartan News. I learned how to film and edit digital video, and I eventually became one of the show’s main “anchors.”

In college, I continued to study the art of cinema production by taking as many courses as I can that allow me to create. These studies have helped me refine my skills by providing me with opportunities to work with professional-grade production equipment and software. Attending UW-Madison also enabled me to combine my passion for the media-making process with my love of sports, as I had the privilege of working as a Video Production Assistant for UW Athletics. This job involved filming and assisting in the live production of Badger Football, Basketball, Hockey, Softball, and Volleyball games.

By far my favorite position in the production process is working the camera. I consider myself a very visually oriented person, so the experience of creating engaging moving images is something that never ceases to thrill me. In the future, I hope to build a career as a camera operator either on film and TV sets, or at professional sporting venues.

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